Popular Front is conflict journalism done differently. We report on the parts of war big media rarely acknowledges, and talk to people they'll never find. We don't have corporate bugmen trying to dictate what we do either. This is all independent, funded by members through subscriptions and sponsorship. 

Popular Front is detailed, niche, and for everyone. You don't need a PhD or an invite to a journo dinner party to be in on this. We do serious work, but we don't take ourselves too seriously. We want no frills, and no elitism. 

In 2018 Popular Front was launched as just the podcast. This was the most effective thing to create with no budget. The podcast will forever be the backbone of Popular Front, but it has since grown to become a grassroots conflict journalism platform. We're doing documentaries, news dispatches, articles, print publications, training, and building a community. 

The community is the heart of Popular Front. Without all the misfits associated with this, none of it would be any good. The aim is to create a new culture around conflict reporting, one where you don't feel embarrassed to ask a question and don't have to wear a suit and tie to get heard.

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Popular Front was created and is run by Jake Hanrahan, a British journalist and filmmaker.

Hanrahan has reported from Syria, Iraq, southeast Turkey, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Peru, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, and more. He's worked for HBO, VICE News, Esquire, Frontline PBS, ProPublica, BBC News, Bellingcat, The Guardian, and Wired. 

He works as a freelance journalist. His personal site can be found at jakehanrahan.com.

Many volunteers and collaborators also keep Popular Front moving forward.

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