The Popular Front podcast focuses on the niche details of modern warfare and under-reported conflicts. If you want to know how suicide car bombs are built by ISIS, which paramilitary factions are operating in Syria, or why American militias hoard assault rifles, this podcast is for you. It's detailed, nuanced, and uncensored.

There's no frills, no elitism, no agenda—just warfare for anoraks. 


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57. Witnessing the Invasion of Rojava

56. A Shootout in Kyrgyzstan

55. Greece's Nihilist Urban Guerrillas

54. The FARC Goes Back to War in Colombia 

53. Uprising in West Papua

52. Hong Kong Update: Violence, Tear Gas, and Talk of Revolution

51. OSINT: War Crimes via Google Maps

50. Inside the Camp for ISIS "Brides"

49. Libya: Warlords, Militias, and Western Abandonment

48. ISIS in Iran

47. The New American Culture War

46. Is This Hong Kong's Last Stand?

45. On the Ground for Sudan's Uprising

44. Afghanistan's Arms Dealing Networks

43. The Congo Wars You Won't See in the News

42. Aid Under Fire with the Free Burma Rangers

41. The Underground ISIS Network Still Active in Mosul

40. When War Kills the Environment

39. Brexit, Bombs, and the New IRA

38. The American White Nationalist Street Fighting Crew Making Links in Europe

37. How the Free Syrian Army's Uprising was Crushed

36. The New Wave of Eco-Terrorism and Nihilist Militancy

35. The South African Farmers Preparing for a Civil War

34. Revolution, Coup, or War for Venezuela?

33. Kosovo: Conflict, Corruption, and a Brand New Army

32. The Group Chat Catching Fleeing ISIS Fighters

31. Insurgent Airforce: Weaponising Commercial Drones

30. Is This the End of Rojava?

29. A Crossroads in Yemen's Forgotten War

28. The Russian Training Jihadist Special Forces

27. Russia vs Ukraine: Trouble in the Sea of Azov

26. Assad's Tank Graveyard

25. The Real Cyber War

24. Who are the Hashd al-Shaabi?

23. The Pop Culture of Nuclear Apocalypse with War College

22. Assassinations in Afrin

21. Wilayat Sinai: The ISIS Insurgency in Egypt

20. Venezuela's Crushed Rebellion

19. On the Frontline of the YPG's Ongoing War

18. The Rise of the Tiger Forces

17. Female Guerrilla Warfare

16. Keep it Quiet: Insurgent Suppressor Use in Battle

15. The Idlib Dilemma

14. 3D Printed Warfare

13. Ukraine is Still at War

12. The Ambazonia Insurgency in Cameroon

11. Tracking Guns Across the World with Silah Report

10. ISIS International

09. Aum Shinrikyo: A Japanese Death Cult's Apocalyptic Terrorism

08. Inside the Battle of Marawi

07. The "Christian Militias" of Iraq and Syria

06. MS-13 and the WhatsApp Death Squads

05. Nagorno-Karabakh: Armenia's Powder Keg War

04. The ISIS Car Bomb Production Line

03. Portrait Photography on the Rojava Frontlines

02. All American Militias

01. The Nazis Fighting for Assad



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